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Michelle McKinney
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Asst. Principal
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Consultant Teacher
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Steve Salas
Consultant Teacher
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Rosario Lionudakis
Consultant Teacher

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Peter Deutsch
Consultant Teacher
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Amelia von Gerer
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Ayala Younger
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Stacey Saady
Consultant Teacher
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Crissy Hansen
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Dorothee Ledbetter
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RSP Specialist
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Brian Voenel
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Elizabeth Lindsley
Consultant Teacher

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Additional BSSC Staff

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Sara Homan | Registrar, 429-3898 ext. 201
Debbie Fennell | Attendance, Health Clerk, & Work Permits, 429-3898 ext. 326
Jolene Kemos | Library Media Teacher, ext. 217
Fiona Sanguinetti | Library Assistant, 429-3898 ext. 236
Alex Fennell | Senior Custodian
Eden Reinero | Campus Supervisor
Gail Mabrouk | Principal's Secretary 429-3898 ext. 214

Meet AFE Teachers

Steve Salas

I’m an Oakland, CA native and received my BA in Geography in 1994 from U.C. Davis. After graduation I worked for several years in the Oakland Unified Schools as a tutor/mentor before leaving to become a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras. During my two years in Honduras I worked in sustainable/hillside agriculture. After completing my Peace Corps service I returned to Oakland and began teaching 3rd grade Spanish bilingual education at E. Morris Cox Elementary. In 2002 I moved to Santa Cruz after marrying my wife, Molly O’Neil and taught for a year at DeLaveaga, before going to Gault where I worked for the last 17 years. I have two children, Matthew a 7th grader at Branciforte Middle, and Anna a 5th grader at DeLaveaga. Despite living in Santa Cruz for almost 20 years and loving being next to the ocean, I’m still not a surfer/ocean sports kind of person. However, I do enjoy riding my bicycle, watching baseball (Go A’s!), and travelling when possible. 


Dorothee Ledbetter

I have worked in our Resource Center for 14 years, first as a volunteer with Mollie Jarrow and part-time employee, and since 2016 as your RC specialist.  I love supporting students and families to follow your interests and dreams, and to help you find materials that assist you on your journey. Our own three very diverse adult children, Julia, Andi, and Erik, all AFE alumni, have inspired me to trust their development, and also to research learning differences and neuroscience (doctorate in biology from Germany, where I grew up). I also take care of roster and paperwork and streamline processes as much as possible.  Other than my part-time AFE library job, I work at Bonny Doon Farm, hang out with my fabulous husband Loren (who is a true Renaissance man and can fix anything), meet friends, read and research a lot, play games, hike & bike, bake cookies, make herbal remedies, face masks, and jewelry, edit videos, and generally have a blast.  I’m happy to serve all of you and I’ll ask your names at least ten times before I’ll remember them, especially in the time of face masks!

Amelia von Geren

Hello AFE Community!

I am thrilled to be returning to AFE to learn with you. I had the privilege of homeschooling at AFE from kindergarten through 12th grade. My post-homeschooling educational journey has included Cabrillo College, UC Berkeley, and a masters in education at Stanford University. I fell in love with teaching while living in Berkeley, and have been working with students of many ages for the past 10 years. Most recently, I spent 6 years in Campbell Union School District as a 3rd/4th grade teacher and a digital innovation coach. As a teacher and a former homeschooler, I am very much looking forward to supporting homeschooling families!


Nancy Aylesworth

How fortunate I am to get to work in this community, my second home for the past 20+ years!  I especially enjoy the Kindergarten through 12th grade span of AFE that allows me to connect with youth and their families in so many different phases. I am moved by the commitment of parents to giving their children rich educational opportunities and life experiences; and inspired by the way youth learn, grow, and teach me and each other. In my free time you will find me reading, cooking, gardening, or playing with our grandchildren alongside Ric, my husband. 


Zari Lionudakis

Rosario Lionudakis (Zari) has been an educator for over 20 years. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, she is passionate about alternative education and innovation in pedagogy and curriculum. Zari attended the University of Michigan as a Rackham Merit Fellow where she received her MFA in Dance, and earned her BA in Dance and Ethnic Studies from Mills College. As a new teaching consultant, Zari is geeked to work with families in AFE, and provide support and encouragement on the  journey of homeschooling!


Elizabeth Lindsley

Raised between Jocotepec, Jalisco and Palo Alto, California, Elizabeth embraces two countries, two languages and many cultures! 

She began teaching her dolls and pets at age 6 and has been a bilingual teacher in California, Mexico and Colorado. She is a constructivist and developmental teacher.  She has been with Santa Cruz City Schools since 1995 - as a K-5 classroom teacher, science mentor and instructional coach.

Elizabeth's twins Robin and Daniel attended WPENS, Gault, Mission Hill and Santa Cruz High.

When not enjoying the company of students and families, she cooks, hikes, reads, travels and plays with husband Dart and puppy Mojo. 


Peter Deutsch

I am starting my 14th year of teaching at AFE and I continue to feel energized, supported and very fortunate to be here! It is a very unique year and seems too full of challenges but the strength and kindness in this community will help us thrive as best we can. As always, I look forward to connecting with my consulting families, getting to know more students and families, and working with the Middle School Ecology class.

For those who don’t know me yet, my teaching background has focused mostly around science and experiential field study but has also included multiple subject teaching positions and coaching in basketball, volleyball and ultimate frisbee. I have also worked as a journeyman carpenter, a sea kayaking guide and trip leader (in Santa Cruz and the Sea of Cortez, Baja) and an Outward Bound instructor in the wilderness of Minnesota, Ontario, and Texas.

Away from work I love my time in nature. It is especially great when I get to share that with my family and our dog as well as with friends. For me it's all about backpacking, hiking, fly fishing, camping, gardening, rivers, mountains, forests, lakes, deserts, beaches, and oceans and caring for our environment.

Ayala Younger

I am excited to be back with AFE as a teacher!  Ten years ago, when I first joined AFE as a teacher, I was struck by the care of my colleagues, the support of the community, and the creativity of the students.  All of that still holds true today.  I love to be able to develop meaningful relationships and to learn every day from the families I serve.

In 2000, I received a B.A. in Multicultural Studies, Spanish, and Elementary Education from Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania.  Then, in 2003, I received my  Masters in Education from Stanford University.  In my time as an educator, I have worked in public, charter, private, and alternative settings.  This variety has given me great perspective on ways we learn and grow over time and how to support families in their learning journeys. 

My own two children attend alternative public schools.  We all love to be outdoors and active. I also enjoy theater arts, other creative artistic endeavors, baking, reading (especially historical fiction), and animals. 


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