Family Handbook

The following is a list of documents that are available for AFE families. The documents are in PDF format.

General AFE Forms & Documents
  1. Vision & Mission (PDF)

    Vision and Mission statement for AFE, described at a town hall meeting in May 2009.

  2. Consultant Teacher Responsibilities (PDF)
  3. Facilities Use & Classes Policy (PDF)
  4. Procedures for Teaching a Class at a School Facility (PDF)

    Classes in district facilities offered or organized by parents are encouraged and welcome. This document describes the policies you will need to follow.

  5. How to Check Out Books from the RC (PDF)
  6. Policy for Non-AFE and Ex-AFE Students (PDF)
  7. Math Resource Database (PDF)
  8. Permission to Publish Form (PDF)

    This form is required to allow student work or photographs to appear on a school or district web site.

  9. Project Development Template (PDF)
  10. AFE Resource Form (PDF)

    Please fill out our resource sharing form. We will use the resource information to help AFE staff find current and former AFE families who are willing to share their skills or other information which could assist AFE in identifying helpers, materials, and donors, as well as keeping all families informed about AFE community activities.

  11. AFE Resource Suggestion Form (PDF)

    Please complete one or more "Our Suggestion" forms, which will be collected into a binder at the RC and will help families locate specific resources for learning that others have used successfully as part of their homeschool instruction or pleasure. You may complete as many as you wish, but please fill out a separate form for each specific resource suggestion. You may return the forms to the Resource Center or mail them to us. Our mailing address is on the forms.

  12. Safety (PDF)

    An explanation of the simple safety expectations while on campus.

  13. Lice Policy (PDF)
  14. Safety Drill (PDF)
  15. AFE Policies for Families
Field Trip Forms & Guidelines
  1. Field Trips Forms and Guidelines for Teachers and Parents (PDF)
  2. Non-District Transportation Form (PDF)
  3. Student Health Data Form (PDF)
  4. Field Trip Notice and Medical Authorization Form Student (PDF)
  5. Field Trip Notice and Medical Authorization Form Adult (PDF)
  6. Vehicle Form (PDF)
  7. Overnight Behavioral Contract (PDF)
  8. Risk Form (PDF)
High School Requirements
  1. Welcome to High School (PDF)

  2. Graduation Requirements (PDF)

  3. AFE High School Tally Sheet (PDF)

  4. Clarification of Art Credit (PDF)

  5. Clarification of Science Credit (PDF)

  6. College Testing Information (PDF)

Internet Resources
Other Items of Interest
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