Graduation Requirements

Subject Credit Requirements
English 40
Math 10
Algebra 10
Physical Science 10
Life Science 10
U.S. History 10
Geography / World Civ 5
American Government 5
Economics 5
Social Studies Elective 5
Fine Arts 10
Fine / Applied Arts 10
Health 5
Physical Education 20
Electives 35

Total Credits = 190

Other Requirements
  • English Language Arts Portfolio
  • Senior Project
Credits & Points Explained

Different from comprehensive high schools, we do not give grades and credits are "variable", which means they are awarded according to student productivity, effort, and the quality of the work.


One point is earned for each class period of on-task learning. Advisory is a longer class period, so one class period of on-task learning in advisory equals 1.3 points. Teachers may give fractions of points.

Points Converted to Credits

Fifteen periods of on-task learning equals one credit.

  • Credits are primarily awarded for student learning that is assessed, not just for work completion.
  • When assigning credits, teachers aim to be consistent with other teachers and within each class, yet responsive to individual student needs and ability levels.
  • A student should typically earn five credits in a semester and six for advisory.
  • Students who voluntarily complete homework may earn more credit.
  • Credits are motivators for students and will be used as such by teachers.
  • Advisors will inform the principal if a student may earn more than 35 credits in one semester.
No Grades

When students need detailed academic information for scholarship applications or insurance discounts, we will add a narrative evaluation to the credit report.

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