Classroom Jobs

Families with classroom jobs will work together as a "classroom team" to support the teacher and classroom and will check in with their assigned teacher once a week. These jobs include: Classroom Cleaners, Classroom Fundraising Representative, MCB Class Representative, Classroom Parent, Fieldtrip Coordinator Assistant, Portfolio/Class Library Assistant.

Classroom Cleaners (1 per class)
Ideal for new families. As part of the Classroom Team, provides support to the school by helping to keep the assigned classroom(s) clean and germ-free. Will work with teachers to assess the specific needs of each room. Tasks may include keeping the sink sanitized, wiping down tables, and just trying to keep a neat and clean environment with the goal of helping to keep our kids healthy. Requires weekly time in the classroom.

Classroom Fundraising Representative (1 per class)
As members of both the Classroom Team and the Fundraising Team, Classroom Fundraising Representatives help plan, organize, and staff all fundraising events. Each of the 4 reps will be responsible for leading one area of fundraising (i.e. Drive For Schools, Family Concert, Movie Nights, Dining for Dollars, Parent Pledges). These people will organize, publicize, and accomplish the fundraising goals of that task and will also actively participate and promote all other fundraising events. The class fundraising reps will:

  • encourage parent involvement and excitement about fundraising activities
  • recruit volunteers from each classroom for fundraising events
  • call families in their classroom to relay messages about fundraising events and activities when necessary
  • generate enthusiasm about fundraising events within the school community and beyond
  • solicit items from parents for class Auction baskets in spring
  • attend monthly fundraising meetings

Classroom MCB Representative (1 per class)
The Classroom Representatives to the Monarch Community Board attend monthly Monarch Community Board meetings. Each Class Rep acts as a liaison between classroom families and MCB. Checks in with classroom teacher monthly to assess volunteer hours and confirm that parents are fulfilling their classroom hours and family job commitments and reports compliance of these functions at Board meetings. As the lead of the Classroom Team (Classroom Cleaners, Classroom Fundraising Representative, MCB Class Representative, Classroom Parent, Fieldtrip Coordinator Assistant, Portfolio/Class Library Assistant), this person will meet with their team at the beginning of the year and will check in with these families once a month to support them in their jobs (check-in with classroom parent weekly).

This person creates and distributes a sub list for classroom hours. Takes classroom attendance for mandatory meetings. Maintains parent hours sign-in sheets. Supports the VP of Parent Participation in coordinating and supporting parent volunteers. Coordinates classroom community-building activities. Is expected to participate as needed when enlisted by the Fundraising, Community Building or Parent Education Committees. Is expected to check in with new families periodically throughout the year. Serves on the Inclusion Committee and the Election Committee.

Classroom Parent (1 per class)
As part of the Classroom Team, this family works under the direction of the teacher and class rep. to provide support as needed in the classroom. Make phone calls to classroom families to relay messages about important classroom and school events and activities. Creates classroom phone tree and activates it as needed. Communicates by telephone or in person with those parents not using email. Expected to fill in for vacant parent jobs as needed (e.g. if someone leaves midyear, until filled). Checks-in with Class Rep weekly to provide support. Requires weekly time in classroom for teacher-directed projects.

Field Trip Coordinator Assistant (1 per class)
As part of the Classroom Team, each classroom's Field Trip Coordinator Assistant supports the teacher with fieldtrip logistics. May include making telephone calls, researching, scheduling, etc. Arranges sign-ups for drivers, including posting information and sign-up sheets for parents on date, time, cost and sibling situation at least two weeks in advance. Checks sign-up sheets to see if there are enough drivers. If more drivers are still needed, calls parents until there are enough. If still not enough drivers, coordinates with other classrooms that are going to the same place at the same time. If there are simply not enough drivers, lets teacher know at least two days in advance so that other arrangements can be made or the field trip can be cancelled. Makes sure each driver has a current, completed insurance form filled out and a copy of their insurance card and their license attached to it. Makes lists for drivers of the children that will be riding in their cars and gives complete list to the teacher the day before the field trip. Collects all fees for the field trip in advance. Is expected to make classroom calls to remind and update families about field trips.

Portfolio/Class Library Assistant (1 per class)
This position is a part of the Classroom Team. With the teacher's direction, inserts appropriate work samples into each child's portfolio. Keeps the portfolios up to date and makes sure that the portfolios are complete. When necessary, creates new portfolios. Keeps the library in the classroom neat and organized in a way that makes it easy for the kids to find books. Must attend trainings if offered. Requires weekly time in the classroom.

Community-wide Jobs

Auction Coordinator
Responsible for the auction. The goal of the auction is to raise money, and to host a spectacular and fun evening out for parents while staying within our budget. The Auction Coordinator will:

  • manage and coordinate Auction Team Members to solicit a minimum of $20,000 worth of donations from local and regional businesses
  • advertise and generate enthusiasm about the Auction among parents and the greater community
  • maintain the database of items as they arrive
  • creating bid sheets and display sheets
  • book and coordinating with a venue, handling set up preparations, and day of event coordination
  • work with the Events Food Coordinator to plan menu
  • plan music and/or entertainment for the event
  • create and sell tickets and maintain/update the website
  • meet monthly with the Fundraising Team

Auction Team Member (4)
Auction Team Members assist the Auction Coordinator and are responsible for helping plan and implement the Auction. As Fundraising Team Members, these people participate in and generate enthusiasm about all fundraising events. Team Members will:

  • maintain and expand upon a list of businesses and individuals who have participated in the Auction (and who we hope will do so in the future).
  • communicate with businesses and individual donors to solicit donations or participation in the Auction.
  • attend monthly fundraising meetings and Auction meetings when scheduled.

Audio/Visual Support
Assists with all things related to the audio/visual needs of Monarch. Provides support for the Videographer and Monarch staff to document Monarch related events. Assists with digital archiving and dissemination of videos and photography. Supports audio needs for all school events. Works with Information Technologist to provide technical assistance to VP's for Monarch events.

Will work closely with the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, MCB and site administration on the general care and custody of MCB funds. Will provide support with anything relating to ongoing financial transactions such as accurate recordkeeping and financial report generating. Will file appropriate tax forms and returns. Must be trained and certified.

Child Care Coordinator
This person will coordinate child care for the various nights in which parents are expected to attend, such as the Parent Education nights, Positive Discipline training and other events as needed. That person will be given a list of potential child care providers and will be expected to contact and arrange for childcare as well as help with making sure the providers are paid in a timely manner.

Communications Publisher
Creates the monthly Newsletter from material submitted by teachers, MCB, and various other contributors. Creates the weekly Bulletin from material submitted from teachers and Board members. Distributes Bulletin and Newsletter electronically to email list. With help from the Community Coordinator, maintains the email list serve for Monarch Community School. Serves on communications committee, as needed.

Community Building Team Member (2)
Serves on the Community Building Team (see Organizational Chart, Appendix B), along with the VP for Community Building. This team plans and executes a variety of activities focused on building community at Monarch. Examples include first day of school coffee, dances, potlucks, talent show, recognition and appreciation, Bike to School Day, charity collections, etc. Community Building Team also writes thank you letters as requested by teachers, or MCB,, and organizes support and celebrations for individual families when applicable (new babies, etc.) This job entails participating in ongoing planning meetings throughout the year, facilitated by the VP of Community Building. Is expected to assist with school fundraising events as necessary when called upon by the fundraising team.

Community Coordinator Assistant
Works with the Monarch Community Coordinator on various projects throughout the school year, such as assisting with coordinating tours and putting packets together for the Open Houses, assisting with beginning and end of the year mailings and other distributions throughout the year. Makes phone calls as needed. Creates and maintains Monarch family alumni contact list.

Diá De Los Niños Coordinator (2)
Ideally held by someone who is Spanish bilingual, the Diá De Los Niños Coordinator will oversee all aspects of Diá De Los Niños and will work with the Rummage Sale Coordinator as these two events are run simultaneously. This person will need to collaborate with the Community Building team, Fundraising Team, Public Relations Coordinator and the ELAC Coordinator. The coordinator will bring to the day a broader perspective of recognizing a variety of cultures. Event planning may include organizing food, entertainment, piñatas, info booths, cultural booths, bounce house and multiple activities for children.

Diá De Los Niños Support (3)
Diá De Los Niños Support persons are expected to provide support to the event coordinator which may include helping with tasks prior to, during, or after the event. This event is held each Spring, in conjunction with the Rummage Sale. Direction for this position will come from the Diá De Los Niños Coordinator.

Dungeon Manager Assistant
Assists the Dungeon Manager with keeping the school supply rooms (a.k.a. "the dungeon") neat and organized throughout the year. This job entails a weekly check in with the Dungeon Room Manager to support that position. The dungeon Manager will help determine tasks to be done by the Assistant.

ELAC Support Team (4)
Families participating in ELAC ( English Learners Advisory Committee) will have a minimum of 4 meetings per year. They will have the opportunity to become officers of this committee, such as president, secretary or DELAC representative. During these meetings families they can learn and participate in the various services offered to students and families who speak a second language.

ELAC/ MCB Liaison
This is a position for a Spanish bilingual person who can attend two night meetings, including the monthly MCB meetings, and the bi-monthly ELAC meetings. Will facilitate communication between these two groups and work on problem solving any issues that arise. Will also communicate to the principal and school community coordinator about any issues that arise. We expect that they will advocate for our growing Spanish speaking community as well as support the new Spanish speaking families in their understanding of Monarch, its philosophies, procedures and activities.

Event Food Coordinator
As a member of the Fundraising Team, this person is responsible for providing food for Fundraising events (including Auction, Movie Nights, Drive for Schools Pizza Party, Carnival and Rummage Sale) and Community Building events, if needed. Works closely with VPs of Fundraising and Community Building as well as the Auction Coordinator to fulfill this function. Attends monthly Fundraising meetings to plan for events. Works with Treasurer to obtain funds necessary for food purchases. Coordinates volunteers from the Fundraising Team, the Community Building Team and the Monarch community to fulfill this role. Note: This position does not require cooking; if you can plan menus, coordinate volunteers and vendors, purchase or solicit donations of food and delegate duties, you can do this job.

Event Operations Coordinator (2)
Provides operational and logistical support for MCB sponsored events such as parent education meetings, fundraising events, and social events, according to the procedures in "Procedures for Organizing After-Hours and Weekend Events" in Appendix C. This job entails the following specific tasks:

  • Checks in with fundraising, parent education, and community building teams as well as teachers throughout the year to provide event set up and clean up. May be asked to help with other logistical or technical aspects for events such as lighting and sound.
  • Is expected to participate in the planning for events throughout the year as directed by the MCB Board VP in charge of the event.
  • Is expected to assist with three Learning Celebrations, three Parent Ed Nights, fundraisers (Auction, Carnival, etc.), community building events (Back to School Potluck, dance, talent show, etc.). Can recruit help from the Monarch community for room set-up and clean up and other needs.

Event Support (2)
Will provide support to 2-3 specific Fundraising/Community Building events. Event assignments will be determined at the beginning of the school year. Will be expected to work under the direction of the VP of the team assigned to.

Exit Criteria Coordinator
Assists the Sky teacher in organizing and coordinating the Exit Criteria preparation, presentation, evaluation and student's final exhibition at Learning Celebration/Moving On Ceremony. Assists in the training and support of Classroom Companions. Recruits volunteers to participate in the Exit Criteria Process. This includes assisting with scheduling, collecting evaluations from all participants and communication with parents, assisting teachers, and classroom companions as well as outside observers. Requires regular work during the week of Exit Criteria presentations in May.

Friday Course Organizer
Assists the staff member in charge of Friday Courses in developing a schedule for FC and recruiting parent volunteers. Works with teacher to assign students to courses. May also help with the coordination of the guest teachers for FC. Regularly submits announcements in the bulletin for recruiting parents and informing the Monarch community of FC and guest teacher happenings. Develops ideas for Courses and may serve as Course teacher as necessary.

Friday Packet Distributor (2)
Perfect job to share between one experienced and one new family. This job includes photocopying the Newsletter/Bulletin and distributing it and other documents as needed every Friday morning. All materials are placed in the Friday folders within the students' family mailboxes. This person(s) must be able to come to Monarch every Friday morning to attend to the job. If there is more than one parent holding this job, they will coordinate how to share the responsibilities for this position (e.g. switch off every other Friday; or each does 1/2 the classes).

Fundraising Team Member (5)
As a member of the Monarch Fundraising Team, these team members assist the VP of Fundraising and the Classroom Fundraising Reps in planning, organizing, and staffing all fundraising events. Fundraising Team Members will:

  • work closely and stay in contact with with the VP of Fundraising about fundraising needs
  • actively participate in each current fundraising event to ensure that we have successful events and reach or exceed our fundraising goals for the year
  • generate enthusiasm about fundraising events within the school community and beyond
  • attend quarterly fundraising meetings

Garden Team Member (2)
Works with the Head Gardener and other Garden Team Members on Garden Committee. Assists the Head Gardener with upkeep of the garden. This may include weekly weeding with the students. Participates in watering schedule. Job has summer and vacation responsibilities. Garden Team Members will work together with teachers to design garden curriculum to be used during Courses and/or teach this curriculum to small groups.

Head Gardener
Coordinates garden projects and general upkeep and maintenance of the garden with teachers, garden volunteers and the other small schools on campus. Organizes and manages the weeding and the watering schedule with volunteers. Job has summer and vacation responsibilities. Sets up workdays and follows the procedures in "Procedures for Organizing After-Hours and Weekend Events" (Appendix C). This includes submitting an announcement for the bulletin, conferring with staff about what needs to be done and co-leading the workday. Submits announcements to the Bulletin/Newsletter informing the Monarch Community of the status of the garden.

Information Technologist
Supports the Monarch staff and Board in all things technological including setting up new computers, helping with presentations, configuring the network and general maintenance of the Monarch computers. Assists the Monarch Community Coordinator with maintenance of Monarch web site. In charge of digital storage and dissemination of videos and photographs of Monarch events.

Kitchen Crew (4)
Ideal job for a new family. Keeps the school kitchen neat and organized throughout the year. This job entails a weekly check in and cleaning of the kitchen. This person will also do the following tasks linked to this job:

  • Keep the kitchen clean and organized. Facilitate communication about the kitchen between all the people who use the kitchen (necessary signs, etc.).
  • Clear out old food from the kitchen fridge once a month.
  • Keep an inventory of frequently used items from the supply room to assure that they are always well stocked.
  • Maintain shopping list after coordinating with school personnel and/or MCB treasurer for budget updates.

Library Assistant (4)
Works under the direction of the BSSC library staff developing the school library, including checking in books and re-shelving them; processing new books (stamping Monarch in new books, putting on dust jacket covers, bar codes and spine labels). Specific jobs for library helpers include:

  • Check in/check out helper: use the computer library system to check in returned books and check out new books (during class library time)
  • Put overdue notices in cubbies downstairs
  • Shelving helper: re-shelve books and other library materials
  • Shelf reader: check shelves to make sure that books are in alphabetical or Dewey order
  • Processing books helper: will stamp books, add barcode labels and cover dust jackets
  • Parent helper during library time, sitting with students, reading to students, helping students find the book they are looking for (during class library time)
  • We will attempt to match your job with your interests.

Materials & Room Manager for the Dungeon
Keeps the school supply rooms (a.k.a. "the dungeon") neat and organized throughout the year. This job entails a monthly check in of the supply rooms to clean and/or organize as necessary. This person will also do the following tasks linked to these jobs:

  • Organize the shelves so that teachers can easily find supplies.
  • Keep an inventory of frequently used items from the supply room to assure that they are always well stocked.
  • Maintain shopping list after coordinating with school personnel (Lead Teacher Assistant) and/or MCB treasurer for budget updates.

Monarch Hallway/Parent Center Coordinator
Maintains the Monarch Hallway, including the Parent Center. Job includes posting the current minutes and agendas for MCB at the Parent Center, maintaining the Parent Center library, posting (and archiving) flyers for current events and community activities (e.g. soccer sign-up, summer school opportunities), and updating the Parent Center bulletin board monthly. Assists teachers and board members in posting photo displays and works of art in and around the Monarch Hallway as well as at the Parent Center. Manages the lost and found by periodically going through belongings and, if labeled putting them on hooks. Is responsible for cleaning out the lost and found at the end of each trimester (or more often if needed) and donating unclaimed items to a local shelter.

Non-Parent/Costanoa Volunteer Coordinator
Works with the Principal and teachers to coordinate the non-parent school volunteers (i.e. UCSC students, Costanoa students, community members, student teachers/interns) including creating classroom work schedules, monitoring sign-in sheets, checking in with MCS staff and communicating with participating organizations as needed. Coordinates with the VP of Parent Education and the staff person in charge of community building for training of volunteers. Schedules and leads the non-parent volunteer orientation meeting each trimester. Communicates and coordinates with the librarian to staff library with non-parent and Costanoa student volunteers. Communicates regularly with the Community Coordinator to organize the master schedule for volunteers. Will be expected to increase the non-parent volunteer outreach. This requires a parent that has flexible hours and can attend meetings during the week.

Online Donations Solicitor
As a member of the Fundraising Team, this person attends monthly fundraising team meetings and works with the Fundraising Team to determine donations needed (e.g. tickets to sports games for the Auction) to support fundraising events and submits online forms soliciting items.

Parent Education Team Member (2)
Serves on the Parent Education Committee with the VP of Parent Ed and teachers. Participates in planning the Parent Ed Nights held every trimester and Positive Discipline Trainings. Assists with set-up, clean-up, and coordination. Is expected to attend after school meetings with the Parent Education Team at least three times throughout the year as well as keep in touch with the committee about dates and deadlines.

Parent Participation Assistant
This position is for a Spanish bilingual person. Works closely with the VP Parent Participation to ensure that all families are feeling supported in their parent job and classroom shift, with a particular focus on the Spanish-speaking members of our community. Helps families through the process of requesting Parents Jobs and Classroom Hours in the spring for the following year. Assists with applying for waivers as needed. Helps write/edit job descriptions. Works with the VP of Parent Participation to assign parent jobs, serves as a resource to the classroom representatives, assists with the oversight of compliance with parent classroom hours and parent jobs. Helps to encourage and support participation. Assists with job training in the fall.

Public Relations Coordinator
Coordinates communications between Monarch and the outside community including press releases about events (i.e. Auction, Open House, Open Enrollment) as well as general announcements about the happenings at Monarch. Makes time-sensitive submissions to local calendars such as Growing Up in Santa Cruz and the Sentinel. Spreads the word about Monarch via social media (e.g. facebook). Recruits volunteers to take photos of Monarch events for PR purposes. Works closely with the VP of Fundraising to insure that all fundraising events are well publicized. Works closely with the Community Coordinator to insure that all enrollment related PR is well publicized. This person will also be expected to assist in a variety of PR related activities including:

  • Posting flyers and handing out brochures
  • Developing future marketing/PR plans and keeping a file on all past PR activities (i.e. newspaper clippings, correspondence from the wider community).

Rummage Sale Coordinator
The Rummage Sale Coordinator oversee the Rummage Sale and will work closely with the Coordinator of Diá De Los Niños as these events are run simultaneously. This person will coordinate the gathering and selling of used goods. Ideally, this person should be available the afternoon and evening before the event to collect and sort donations.

Rummage Sale Support
Persons who are a part of the Rummage Sale Support will work under the direction of the Rummage Sale Coordinator. Support may be needed before, during, and after the event which is held each spring, in conjunction with Diá De Los Niños.

Site Council Representative
Site Council is a steering committee made up of parents and staff that decides how categorical funds (those from state and federal resources) will be spent. This is the state mandated role of any Site Council. Site Council meets approximately 5 times per year. The Monarch representative to the Site Council is expected to share information with MCB on a regular basis.

Special Projects Coordinator
Something of a "handyman/woman" type of job. The person doing this job is responsible for taking on and completing in a timely manner, any "odd" jobs requested by the teaching staff. In addition to doing jobs that the staff request, this job requires a person with initiative — someone that is on the look-out for tasks that need doing, and takes care of them without needing to be asked. Includes fixing things that are broken (vacuums, shelves, tables, etc.), building things (shelves, e.g.), installing things (wall maps, backpack hooks, etc.), and the like. Also assists with garden workdays, assisting with any garden construction projects.

Translator (2)
Supports non-English speaking families by serving as a contact for them. This job includes the following tasks:

  • Translate written communication from parents to parents. This includes room parents, class reps, field trip coordinators and MCB members or others who want to post on google groups via email.
  • Will provide translation during tours and enrollment periods if available.
  • Translates at all school events if needed.

Treasurer Assistant
Serves as the assistant to the Chief Financial Officer of the Corporation. This person should have a basic understanding of math and how a checking account works. Ideally this person will have access to a computer with email, excel and a copy machine would be a plus. Works with the VP of Fundraising, Treasurer and all parents to get parent pledges, and follows up on unfulfilled pledges. Responsible for sending out thank you letters for all donations including but not limited to parent pledges and auction donations. Expected to make bank deposits for the MCB with all cash deposits over $100 being counted by a second party and confirmed. Will be expected to participate in school fundraising events, such as Parent Pledge Drive, Drive For Schools, Craft Fair, Auction and any other events that the Treasurer or VP of Fundraising might need assistance with.

Responsible for videotaping Exit Criteria Presentations and a total of 4 evening events (Parent Education Nights, Learning Celebrations/Moving On Celebration) to be determined by the teachers with at least 1 month advanced notice. Submits videos to Information Technologist for digital storage and dissemination.

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