AFE Enrichment Activities

Each year we look at all of our offerings as a whole, taking into consideration how many students are in each grade, and how to fit all of the classes in the classrooms in a way that best supports our community. We know that sometimes our schedule does not meet the needs of a specific student, but we hope you will understand that our intention is always to create the best learning and connecting opportunity possible for the majority of students.

For community members who would like to offer a class, please read this document about our Policy & Procedures for teaching a class and room usage. Joanne Brown is the Community Coordinator and will be coordinating room use and helping you set up parent-led classes, events, and clubs.

AFE Class Expectations

I come to class prepared.
I participate and stay on task.
I help and include other students.
I respect the speaker by listening quietly.
I follow instructions.
I respect the feelings, bodies and space of others.
I keep personal electronics off and put away.

2016-2017 Staff-Led Enrichment Classes

K-2 Enrichment

Kindergarten-Second Grade
Thérèse Johannesson

Maker Monday Parent Co-op:We will continue our marvelous co-op in the same style.Our theme this year will be artistic and scientific exploration of all things having to to do with the Sky."The Sky's the Limit!"Think: Space, Wind power, Flight, etc.At the grade level "Break Out" groups at theAFE Welcome Back gathering on 8/31you will have an opportunity to sign up for 2 days of leading and 2 days of assisting in Maker Mondays (4 days total).If you are unable to attend that Wednesday, there will be another orientation, especially for newcomers onWednesday, September 7, at 12:30in room 1.  Start date for Maker Monday is September 1

Thursday Movers and Shakers w/Therese:We will continue this year in the same style with music and movement, mindfulness and friendship, sharing and literacy, Spanish Language, Gardening, Field trips, Math games and community building games.Please note that our first Field Trip will be the first week of class. OnThursday, 9/15/16AFE K-5th graders are invitedto theSanta Cruz County Fair in Watsonville
.Please sign up in the office or at the Welcome Back Gathering so that we know how many free tickets to order.Parking is $5.00.Start date for Learning Circle Thursday is September 15 with a Field Trip to the Santa Cruz County Fair.

Contact Therese.

Earth Science—Geology Rocks!

Grades 3-5
Wednesdays 10:00–12:30,Palazzo Studio, starting 9/14

Peter Deutsch
Join Peter and this group for exploration and discovery in Earth Science as we build communication and collaboration skills. In addition to exploring minerals, rocks, land movement and building, landforms, and weathering there will be time for art, creativity, a bit of theater, PE games, teamwork and community building. We will also have time for a break and snack near the middle of class.
In addition to bringing their healthy snack, students should wear comfortable clothes and shoes since we will play active games and some PE every class. I am also working to schedule a few field trips to local sites of interest, dates TBD soon.

Classes for 6th–8th Graders

Because of the large number of students in this age group, we will be offering two courses simultaneously from 10:00am–12:30 pm on Tuesdays. Parents whose students are remaining on campus after class to participate in Theater and Clay Studio will be asked to co-op and help with lunch supervision. Sign up for the lunch supervision and for classes will be posted in the RC.

Ancient Civilizations Around the World

Grades 6-8
Tuesdays 10:00-12:30, Palazzo Studios
Starting 9/13/16

Nancy Aylsworth

Ancient civilizations are the basis of the world as we know it today. In this class we will look into advanced cultures such as the Mesopotamian, Mayan, Indus, Meroitës, West African Empire of Ghana, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and others. Expect to hear myths, create art, eat foods from different lands, conduct individual research and explore other aspects of culture as we learn about these ancient civilizations.
Students are expected to attend regularly and participate to their best ability in class activities, complete homework assignments and take part in our culminating event - Ancient Civilizations Wax Museum. This class will be offered both semesters: Session 1 will be September 13-January 17 and Session 2 will be February 31-May 23. Each weekly class will also include time for a snack (please bring your own) and outdoor games. Any questions please contact Nancy Aylsworth 429-3898 x 334.

Around the World in 90 Days Geography

Grades 6-8
Tuesdays, 10:00–12:30,
AFE Classroom 2starting 9/13/16
Jasmin Gerer
Students will be taking a whirlwind tour around the globe, learning about world geography through making maps, meeting people from other countries, doing research, writing reports, completing projects, playing geography games and participating in map challenges. Willingness to study, do research, keep a journal, watch videos, and work on projects at home will be an integral part of the class. Meets Tuesdays, 10:00–12:30 in AFE Classroom 2. Jasmin will be teaching this course in the fall and Joanne will teaching it in the spring. Questions? Contact Jasmin at 429-3898 x332 or
by email

Lit and Film

Grades 9-12
Mark Thomas

Lit & Film is open to grades 9-12, Thursdays from 10-12 starting September 15. The primary emphasis of the course will be to develop writing and editing skills. Film (and the various newer permutations thereof) will be the principal medium to analyze with a critical eye. I will offer 3 films and students will each choose 3 other films to study. Writing assignments will be due each week, with 3-5 page published papers due at the end of each month. Students will work in cooperative and creative problem solving groups to analyze, proofread and edit one another's work. For more info, contact Mark, 566-0631, thank you.


American Government

Thursdays 1-3pm 
AFE Room 2
starting September 15
Joanne Brown

For AFE High School Students (priority will be given to 11 & 12th grade students)
As the presidential election moves into its final weeks, this a great time to see our American government in action! We'll follow the campaign and explore and discuss other topics, including the Constitution and how the government works at the national, state, and local levels. There will be a number of guest speakers, and several local field trips. For more information, 
contact Joanne Brown


Enrichment Activities--Parent or Student Led
Fashion Club

Love fashion? Interested in developing your personal style? Or learning about different careers in the industry? Come join AFE's first ever Fashion Club, for grades 7-12, starting on
September 21st. We will be discussing a range of fashion careers, famous fashion designers, and personal style. There will be lots of hands-on activities to inspire and help you create your own look. Our club will culminate in an all-school fashion show in February or March (TBD).
The Fashion club will meet on Tuesdays from 2:30-4:00. The first meeting will be on September 21st, 2:30-4:00 at AFE (room to be determined).

The fashionART show is at the Civic Center on Friday, September 24th at 7:00. General
admission tickets are $24.00. Anyone who would like to go as a group, please let me know! It's a really fun event and a great way to inspire the fashionista in all of us. Questions? Email Laura.

Create Space

Fridays from noon - 2 in the Palazzo Studio
**Beginning September 23**
Open Art Studios is now Create Space!

Do you like to draw? Paint? Sew? Knit? Make Shrinky Dinks? Or want to learn how to do any of these? Then come join us on Friday afternoons for Create Space! You can use whatever supplies are available in the studio or bring your own. The idea is to work and share the space with creative people of all kinds doing what they love while inspiring each other. Come learn something new or teach others something you know. My personal goal this year is to do more sewing so I will be bringing my machine and current sewing projects to work on. I would be happy to help anyone learn or better their sewing skills. I am working on supplying AFE with a
few sewing machines so students won't have to bring their own. And don't worry... For those folks who just want to come in and make Shrinky Dinks all day (you know who you are) we will still have plenty of those to do too!

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
*** I am also looking for parent volunteers who would be interested in signing up to man the
studio from time to time or to come in and offer to teach us something cool!
- Karylann Love

New Music at AFE

Acappella Group "Hamilton"
Intermediate to advanced singing group, is primarily for HS, by audition. Middle schoolers accepted with audition. Will feature selected songs from the popular musical, "Hamilton." Starts Friday, 9/23 10:00-11:30.

Bluegrass/Celtic Band
Middle school and high school. 5th graders w/ adult or assistance. First songs: Shady Grove/Road to Lisdoonvarna. Starts Friday, 9/16 10:00 -11:30.

Native American Pow Wow Workout
and Parenting Classes

Join us in the MPR for a family workout. Stay for parenting classes.

Tuesdays 6:00-8:00
Pow Wow Work out 6:00- 6:45
Parenting class 6:45-8:00
Contact Bianca Crowbear for more information.
(Her group performed at our campus wide Día De Los Niños celebration last April.)

Filmmakers Club

Do you enjoy making movies or want to learn? Do you want to meet people who
could help you with your own film projects? Do you want to prepare for
Follywood? Then come to the Filmmakers Club! Each class session, we will go
over a different film concept and discuss the dos and don’ts of filming. Then we
will have a chance to explore what we learn by making a short 1-5 minute film in class. There will
also be opportunities to work on your own film projects. Please bring your own filming equipment
to class. 1-2:30 on Mondays beginning 9/12. For more information, please contact

Problem Solving

Wednesdays, 11:00-12:40, most likely all year. (Which does NOT conflict
with volleyball or JSA - yay!)
First Class Wed. Sept 21.

Description: This class will provide an opportunity for students to tackle diverse real-world problems in pairs, small groups, and as a whole class. Problems will range from those
that can be solved in a few minutes to those requiring multiple class periods to complete.
Contexts will include science, social science, economics, logic puzzles, engineering, geometry, statistics, and more. Although most of each class period will be spent in paired or small-group problem solving, we will also have whole-group discussions of some problems, and I will explain or review concepts as needed when it appears that multiple students may be struggling with them. Although the class is definitely NOT a test-prep class, the problem-solving opportunities will be good practice for many of the types of problems now found on the SAT and other standardized tests. My goal is that after the problems in my class, those problems seem easy.

Prerequisites: This class is designed for middle and high school students who are already comfortable with skills typically found in pre-algebra and algebra 1 classes. Specifically, students should be able to:
Understand and calculate with decimals, fractions, mixed numbers, negative numbers,
and exponents (calculators will be allowed and even encouraged in class, but it is still
expected that they should generally be able to do these operations with simple numbers
without a calculator)
Calculate using percents, including finding a percent of a number and percent
Model problems with expressions and equations using variables (i.e. D dogs and C
chickens have 4D + 2C legs)
Solve multi-step linear equations (solve for x: 2(x + 4) = 6x - (5x - 2))
Set up and solve proportions (i.e. how much fertilizer is needed for a 32 square foot field if
you are supposed to use 2 tablespoons per 5 square feet?)
Graph points and equations
Calculate perimeter, area, and volume of simple and more complicated shapes

Expectations: Students are expected to come to class with paper, pencil, and calculator,
ready to focus, try their best, and work cooperatively with every other student in the class for the
entire class period. Attitude and effort are far more important to me (and to learning math in
general) than specific mathematical background or skills. Each student brings a unique and
valuable perspective to each problem if they are willing to focus and put their best effort into the
task at hand.
Questions? Email Elizabeth Andrews

American Government
for 9th/10th graders

With the 2016 election on the horizon (and Hamilton winning a record-breaking number of Tonys), government and politics are a hot topic! Since 9th and 10th graders will not likely be able to take Joanne’s government class (with preference going to Juniors and Seniors), Leisl Ludington and Ruthie Yarme have decided to offer our own take on American Politics and Government. We will cover the historical roots of US government, our Constitution, federal government institutions, politics (including this presidential election, of course), and the roles of state and local governments . We will be using the lyrics and music from Hamilton often as we learn about the history of our democracy and discuss the structure of the US government. As we close out the semester, we will be asking the big questions… How can we be better stewards and advocates? Where can our voices be heard?

What actions can we take within our system to change the world? If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact either of us.

Clay Studio
CLAY STUDIO for ALL AGES, Tuesdays from 1-3pm starting Sept. 13!!

If you like to get your hands dirty then this is the place for you! AFE’s open clay studio meets once a week for 2 hours. You can come every week, you can come for half the class, you can bring your parent, or NOT, unless of course you are under 9 years old then they have to tag along.
The class is unstructured which allows you to work on whatever project you like once you have the basics down, which most of you do. For newbies to clay I will get you up to speed and you will be making cool sculptures or cups or bowls in no time at all. The class is mostly hand building, we have a slab roller and lots of texture tools and we do have wheels that you
can try, and try, and try until you are throwing like an animal. Of course wheel work brings the hands dirty up another level, sometimes to head to toe messy.

The cost is $30 per student per semester, which pays for clay,
glazes and firings. However, no one will be turned away. Any questions, you can call me at 818-8660.
Ciao, Kathleen

Water the Weeds Teen Improv

Hey folks. Collaborative spontaneous unscripted plays are back. Come explore this way of being human. Iris is an amazing assistant and we have planned a spicy session. 9 classes and a show.

Show is on Sunday Nov. 13.
$100 Sibs: $80 each.
Rm 2, 4:15 to 5:45
Sept 21-Nov 16 Wednesdays

Love and blessings, Joya.
Call to register.


JSA (Junior State of America) is a student-run organization focused on politics and current events, and AFE students can participate! Our chapter meets every Wednesday at 2:30pm in Room 2, with a variety of activities such as debates, thought talks, and crisis scenarios. JSA
is predominantly a high school club, but interested eighth graders are welcome to attend!

High school JSA at AFE is starting September 14th! Come to our first meeting at 2:30-4pm in room 2 and discuss politics and social issues, hang out, and eat food (provided). Around half of AFE's high school takes part in JSA and loves it. Hope to see you there!

Games & Puzzles Group

Come over to Classroom 2 every Friday from noon to three (or whatever part of those three hours work for you) for good times with friends old and new, and AFE's very large collection of award-winning and classic games for all ages! Bring your own games and/or snacks to share as well! The youngest among us can often be found sitting in the middle of the room playing with Lego or blocks, or outside playing tag, in addition to the games, and parents can usually be found socializing, knitting, etc. while playing games, so truly something for everyone! There is also a group of young artists who like to come and sketch and show each other their artwork in addition to playing games

An Ode to Games
I want to tell you a bit about board games and their benefits. We've been playing lots of games in my birth family, then in my own family, and with friends. Here's what I have observed:

Games boost social confidence. Social interactions are complex and complicated.
During a game, social anxiety is low, because interactions are usually limited to
exchanges about the game. So even kids with slower social development can interact
easily with fellow players of all ages. People learn how competition and cooperation work
in a friendly environment, and how to learn from others who can already play the game.
Games boost a sense of mastery and skill confidence, and teach how to approach
any problem in a step-by-step way. Dealing with a wealth of information about the world
(and learning for school) can feel a bit overwhelming. Games have fairly simple rules, are
learned step by step, and can be mastered with practice. This is a microcosm of how
learning works, and teaches the patience and persistence necessary to get good (and

Games teach how to lose. Failing and losing happens in games by default (even to Sam
and Arthur Shemitz, occasionally), and many people I know have gone from feeling upset
and mad about losing to taking it with good grace and humor. (Or at least with the
knowledge of how they can improve next time.)

Games teach strategic thinking and problem solving. Many of our RC games are
strategy games. You learn how to plot your course to winning, from simple linear plans to
complicated networks of strategy. People with high artistic skills ("right brainers")
especially benefit from this, as they often have trouble with linear, sequential thinking.
Games teach math and reading. My son Erik learned to read and do math with
Pokémon cards. Many games that kids can get enthusiastic about boost their skills very
easily, and pave the way for future enthusiasms about learning.
Enough for now, there's probably more! What do you think are benefits of board games?


AFE Madrigal Singers
We will be continuing this year! We alternate rehearsing between Friday and Saturday
10:30-12:00 in rm. 1. Starting Saturday, 9/10. If you are an experienced Choral singer with an
affinity for early music and would like to join our group, please contact Therese at

AFE Basic Rocketry Class

All ages are invited (parent helper needed for 10 and under) to join a quick romp through
rockets, taught by members of the AFE rocketry team. Over three Mondays at AFE, students will
explore the basic properties of rockets and will build a water rocket and a model rocket with a
small Estes A-class motor… and launch both. Please NOTE: Dates are tentative and will be
finalized via email after fire and school permissions are completed.
Mon. 9/19, 2:30pm - 4pm (Build and Launch Water Rocket)
Mon. 9/26, 2:30pm - 4pm (Build Model Rocket)
Mon. 10/3, 2:30pm - 4pm (Model Rocket Launch)
Sign Ups: AFE Gathering on 8/31, or in RC.
Class size limited to 25.
Suggested Donation for Materials: TBD.
Questions? Email Jay.

AFE Theater
AFE 3rd - 6th Grade Theater

Practice has started for Adventure Kids! Mondays 12:15 - 2pm    AFE Room 2
Sept 26 - Nov 14 (no class 10/31 and 11/21)

Tech/Dress  at Broadway Playhouse (tentative, but won't include time not listed)
     Mon, Nov 28 10:30am - 2pm
     Tues, Nov 29 10am - 1pm 
     Thurs, Dec 1   10am - 1pm
     Fri, Dec 2 9:45 - 12pm

Performances at The Broadway Playhouse
     Fri, Dec 2    Actor's call 6 pm; Show 7pm
     Sat, Dec 3   Actor's call 1:30 pm; Show 2:30 pm
     All actors need to be available Sunday Dec 4 from 6 - 9pm in case of a third performance (7pm show)
Thank you to our Parent coordinators for this production
— Gwin Hight and Zan La Hara!

AFE Middle School Theater 
Around the World in 80 Days
Tuesdays 1 - 3pm    AFE Room 2
Oct 4 - Nov 29 (no class 11/22)

Tech/Dress  at Broadway Playhouse  
       Tues, Dec 6    1- 3pm
       Thurs, Dec 8   6:30- 9pm
        Fri, Dec 9      10am - 3pm

     Fri, Dec 9    Actor's call 6 pm; Show 7pm
     Sat, Dec 10   Actor's call 1 pm; Show 2 pm
     All actors need to be available Saturday Dec 10 from 6 - 9pm in case of a third performance

Thank you to Meredith Cook and Zan LaHara for coordinating this play!

High School Theater
Practice has started for The Mouse that Roared - an entertaining political satire.  
Rehearsals AFE Room 2
Tuesdays through Oct 25  3-5:30pm
Tech/Dress Rehearsals  Broadway Playhouse
       Tues, Nov 1        3:00 - 5pm
       Thurs, Nov 3      6:30 - 9pm
       Fri, Nov 4          10am - 3pm
Please be aware that all Tech & Dress Rehearsals and all performances are mandatory!  

Performances Broadway Playhouse 
      Fri, Nov 4    6pm actor's call; 7pm show
      Sat, Nov 5   3pm actor's call; 4pm show
All actors must be available Sat Nov 5 from 3 pm - 10 pm in case of a third performance.

Thank you to Parent coordinators Ruthie Yarme and Leisl Ludingtonfor this production!
We are looking forward to another wonderful production at AFE. 
Theater coordinator parent—Zan La Hara
AFE Staff coordinator—Jasmin Gerer
Director—Terri Steinman

K-2: Monday afternoons starting in February.
More information and sign ups available at the Welcome Gathering and in the RC. Detailed schedules will be posted on the yahoo board and in the RC as soon as they are finalized. Please email Zan or Jasmin with any questions.
AFE Sports

Beach Volleyball, Basketball & Soccer are offered in their respective seasons.

AFE Volleyball

AFE volleyball is about to officially start for the season!

1st “informal” practice - Friday 8/26 12:00 – 2:00
Regular practices start 8/29 10:00-12:00
(Note: no practice on 8/31 due to AFE Welcome Back Gathering and 9/5 due to Labor
Day Holiday)

We will have an “extra” practice on 9/2 from 12:00 – 2:00. Details below!
Our Coed Volleyball teams compete in the Alternative Schools Sports League (mostly High
Schools). The teams are open to students in 6th – 8th grade as well as our highschoolers.
The practice schedule is Monday 10:00 – 12:00 and Wednesday 1:00 – 3:00. I also really
encourage students to organize a regular informal practice. These practices and our games will
be on the beach courts between the wharf and the Boardwalk. Games are on Fridays between
12 and 2 and players need to arrive by 11:45. Games start on 9/9 and go through 12/16.
I really encourage any parents who can to volunteer and assist with practices and/or coaching.
It makes a big difference! We will also need to recruit one or more parent(s) who are able and
willing to help supervise and support the players at the games. Our school needs to have a
minimum of one adult supervisor for each team we have in the league at the games. No
coaching or volleyball experience is needed to fill this role.
To support AFE and AFE sports, including Volleyball, we ask students/families for donations to
help with AFE fundraising efforts to cover the costs for our league dues.
Please be sure to get onto the email list as this will be how information is going be distributed.
Please complete and sign all parts of the sports forms for volleyball and return them to Peter
asap! Any questions contact me directly at 429-3898 ext 330 or email. Thanks, Peter

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