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Questions about enrolling at AFE?  Fill out our questionnaire!  Click on the link below:

Alternative Program Enrollment Questionnaire

AFE Graduation

Celebrating our 8th graders in a virtual celebration, 5/29/20:
Alexandra Santos, Amelie Funk, Bernard Huynh, Helena Keuper, Isaac Wax, Jasper Collins,
Marcus Anderson, Phoebe Matthews, Raina Sawyer, Ronja McArthur, Scout Bauman, Viena Weems

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Our 12th Grade Grads!
After a virtual  graduation with moving speeches, we came together in a safe, live car celebration at BSSC. Our grads received hand-decorated gift bags with their diplomas, leis, and other gifts, and were joined by our community in a rousing car parade.
We cheer Alek Mallory-Neuburger, Elise Hing, Emma Moses-Graue, Isaac Ludington,  Isabella Yarme, Jackson Damhorst, Jacob English, Jamie Repetski, Luca Lynch,
Maya Love, Phoenix Rumbaugh, Teo Deutsch, Tomas Tkoch, and Winter Blackstorm!
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And celebrating our retiring teachers (clockwise from top left):
Joanne Brown, Therese Johannesson, Mark Thomas, and Wendy Treat!

Retiring Teachers


Enrolling New Families at AFE

Interested in Homeschooling?
Have you discovered homeschooling works well for your child and your family?
Or is the uncertainty of this time leading you to explore other options
of public education? 
Are you curious how homeschooling can work with you and your child
choosing your curriculum, supported by a consultant teacher?

Please contact Sara Homan, our registrar, for more information about
Santa Cruz City School's K-12 Homeschool/Independent Study Program
phone 831-429-3898 ext. 201, email

AFE can enroll students 6th-12th grade as transfers from other districts,
but Santa Cruz City Schools is not able to accept elementary students
from outside of the district.

The AFE library has some online resources:
The BSSC Library has great resources here:

and on the BSSC Library page:
BSSC Library Link

Virtual FashionTeens show available for viewing!

Please support our AFE students who participated this year in FashionTeens Santa Cruz' virtual fashion show. We have 6 AFE students sharing designs this year!!!

Due to Covid 19 and the continuing Shelter In Place order FashionTeens had to be presented virtually this year. Undaunted, students created videos from their homes which were then edited into one fun, fantastic video.

FashionTeens is open to all middle and high schools students in Santa Cruz County. The students who participate are encouraged to make designs utilizing recycled and repurposed materials.

Watch at
Video will be available for viewing Monday, June 1.


Thank you, Lucy (director), Isabella, Maya, and Isaac (hosts), families and staff!
Movie links will follow.

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There will probably be 2-3 Climate Change science nights;
it's a big topic that touches all areas of life.

Science Night "Evolution & the Environment" - 2/20/2020

Where do all the amazing species on earth come from?
How do we know how old fossils are?
Why did the dinosaurs die out?
How did plants get from water to land?
What happens when food gets scarce? Will the Tweezerbills, large-beaked Spoonbills, or small-beaked Spoonbills survive?

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