AFE Parent Club

The AFE Parent Club financially supports the AFE community. In the past, we have provided funds to enable or enhance programs, activities, and events. We also help with supplies and resources. Some of the things that have been supported by the AFE Parent Club in the past few years include: Theater for all ages, sports teams for grades 6-12, Clay Studio, Games Group, Economics class for high schoolers, Orff music for elementary students, family poetry workshops, field trips, staffing for the resource center. We also have donated supplies for Family Art Night; resources—books, games, audio CDs, DVDs—for the resource center; classroom supplies for teacher-led classes; art supplies for the Palazzo Studio; and lots more.

The Parent Club relies on donations and fundraising in order to offer support for all these things. Without fundraising, these programs, classes, activities, and resources will no longer be available at AFE.

Thank you for supporting the AFE Parent Club.

Staff of Life Scrip

Please contact Sadie Reynolds, Rowan's mom, to buy Staff of Life Scrip. I am happy to answer any questions and explain how you can contribute to AFE fundraising just by using scrip to buy anything from Staff. There is NO cost to you, the donation to AFE comes from Staff of Life when you use scrip for your purchases! Please contact sadiereynolds at or txt 469-9040. Dorothee also usually has Staff scrip available.

New Leaf eCards

Leaf Community Markets offers natural and organic foods and a convenient way to raise money for our school. Use your eCard when paying for groceries and feel good knowing you and New Leaf are supporting the education of our children. There are four New Leaf stores where your cards will work:

  • 41st. Ave., Capitola
  • Pacific Ave., downtown Santa Cruz
  • Fair Ave., on the Westside
  • Aptos New Leaf

This is how it works...

Purchase or refill a New Leaf Gift Card (eCard) with a check made out to the AFE Parent Club or cash:

  • 4% on $50

  • 5% on $100,$250,and $500

The amount must be in increments of $100's or $50's.

I will place the order, deliver your card to the RC, and maintain the last 6 digits of your card number. When you use your card, select gift card as your method of payment. Once your card is empty DON'T THROW IT AWAY. Your card may be refilled with those 6 digits. Orders will be placed once a month. Thank you very much for participating! Dorothee

What is eScrip?

eScrip is a hassle-free way for schools and groups that support children's programs to raise funds through everyday purchases made at eScrip merchants.

How Does it Work?

eScrip and merchant partners have created a system that rewards eScrip customer loyalty by contributing a percentage of purchases to your chosen group. Parents, teachers, friends and families are encouraged to register their credit, debit and grocery club cards as supporters with the eScrip program. Upon receipt of registration, a percentage of all purchases made at eScrip merchants will be given back to the designated school or group.

Simple Registration:
  • Log on to this page on to sign up.
  • Type in "Alternative Family Education Parent Club" (the name of our AFE group). Our group number will come up (500007112). Click on the group name and complete your registration. Explanations are on the site.
  • Designate your favorite school or children's group to receive contributions.
Online Mall
eScrip Online Mall logo

You can also shop online through the eScrip Online Mall,with a percentage of your purchase going to the AFE eScrip account.

Click on this link to begin at the AFE group. You can "Add" AFE to your groups if you are not already a member. Clicking "Next" then takes you to a "Welcome to the Online Mall" info page, and then clicking "Shop Now" goes to the main Online Mall page where you can select from more than 1000 retail web sites (such as Amazon, Lands End, etc.) that will then give AFE a percentage of any purchases you make with no added cost to you.

Note: To get the savings at Safeway you have to use your club card. This is how they track your purchases. In order to have the money you spend online go to AFE, you must shop through the escrip online mall portal.

Smog Check Fundraiser

Get a Smog Check at the normal price and support our campus at the same time! Stanford Avenue Automotive is giving us their profit on Smog Checks. All you have to do is mention this fundraiser when you get your Smog Check and Mike and Jennifer will direct $20 to AFE. Stanford Avenue Automotive is conveniently located right across Water Street from the campus at 110 Stanford Avenue.

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