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Each year we look at all of our offerings as a whole, taking into consideration how many students are in each grade, and how to fit all of the classes in the classrooms in a way that best supports our community. We know that sometimes our schedule does not meet the needs of a specific student, but we hope you will understand that our intention is always to create the best learning and connecting opportunity possible for the majority of students.

For community members who would like to offer a class, please read this document about our Policy & Procedures for teaching a class and room usage. Joanne Brown is the Community Coordinator and will be coordinating room use and helping you set up parent-led classes, events, and clubs.

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Thanks to the  Bay Area Arts Council for Spectra Grants to support AFE Enrichment


AFE Class Expectations

I come to class prepared.
I participate and stay on task.
I help and include other students.
I respect the speaker by listening quietly.
I follow instructions.
I respect the feelings, bodies and space of others.
I keep personal electronics off and put away.

2019-20 Staff-Led Enrichment Classes
Elementary School 

K-5 Monday Enrichment class 10:00-12:30
With Ms. Therese 
50 Nifty United States

Come join us as we discover the wonders of our beautiful country from coast to coast; the people, the history, the stories, the games, the struggles, the music, the plants and animals, the purple mountains majesty!

 Each student will choose a state, or a part of a state, on which to research, write a  report and give a presentation covering some of the above topics at some time during our school year..

Please check through your family tree and see if your family is connected to a particular state or states through a relative or an ancestor.  What can you find out about that state from family lore or from people who have lived there?

Middle School Classes

Middle School Enrichment Classes will be offered on Tuesdays 10-12:30   
 Express Yourself and Rocks & Stars

 We look forward to co-creating a welcoming, safe and rich educational experience for our middle schoolers. We will offer both classes twice so that one group of students can participate in the curriculum for the fall semester and another for the spring semester. There will be team-building activities, games and a collaborative community project throughout the year shared with both classes to create a more cohesive program for all of our middle schoolers.  We will also offer shared monthly field trips. 

Express Yourself - taught by Nancy Aylsworth in Palazzo Studio

 In this class, students will have the opportunity to develop skills in various forms of self-expression, from writing to the arts. We will be writing and exploring some art modality each week in class. In addition, weekly homework will be assigned to participants. 

Any parents who would like to share their artistry with our class would be very welcome. Please contact Nancy for more information at

Rocks & Stars - taught by Peter Deutsch in Rm 2

In this class, we will explore astronomy and planetary science. After starting with the Earth we will then look outward to the Moon, Sun, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe. Students will work individually and in teams to build understanding of various key phenomena, processes, current technology and tools for exploration, and also areas of special interest. There will be hands-on activities and projects as well as reading, research and sharing of student work in class. In addition, weekly homework including longer projects will be assigned.

Please contact Peter for more information at

High School Classes

High school students may choose one per semester: 

 Real & Imagined Stories:  A Journey In Creative Writing

Thursdays 10am-12:30pm, Room 2

Instructor: Joanne Brown,


Sharpen your creative writing skills by exploring and practicing techniques from successful authors. You’ll learn how to engage your readers in new and exciting ways and make your stories come alive. 

Class activities will include:

-Reading and discussing a number of well known short stories 

-Exploring the elements that go into making a compelling story (both fiction and nonfiction)

-Writing pieces that engage readers by using a variety of techniques to create well-developed characters, plot, settings and dialogue

Earn up to 5 high school credits in English by completing assignments and participating fully in class activities. Plan to spend 3-4 hours per week on reading/writing assignments outside of class.

Spring Semester

 Topics In Ecology

Meeting Times:         Thursdays 1:00 - 3:00pm 

Contact:                     Joanne Brown 

Credits:                      5 credits possible

Ecology is the broadest field of biology.  The class will feature guest speakers and field trips, including one habitat restoration. We’ll cover a variety of topics, including biodiversity, California bioregions (why we’re a HOT SPOT!), local ecosystems, and human impacts. You’ll be expected to participate in all class activities as well as complete weekly homework assignments, a project and two presentations.  Field trips may extend class time to 4pm.

Dramatic Literature

 Join instructor Rena Dubin for an exploration of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream and other dramatic works! We will focus our curriculum on plays that OSF, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, will be performing in May. Class will meet for two to three hours on Thursdays in the spring. More details to follow. For high schoolers only. While Rena will teach the class, Jasmin is graciously handling the logistics for our sojourn to Ashland. Shall we their fond pageant see? Lord what fools these mortals be!

Community Led Classes

Power Tools for Your Brain

An Introduction to Philosophy, Reasoning, and Logic


Slash away lies, deceptions, and scams. Focus like a laser-beam on difficult problems until they crumble under your unyielding resolve. Hunt down and interrogate your prejudices, assumptions, and unexamined beliefs. Formulate unbreakable arguments. Discover the questions you care about most and begin your life-long quest for answers.

In this class you'll get your hands on the power tools that will let you do all this and more. Here's just a sample from the toolbox:

 -  Conjecture: The Power of Asking the Right Question

 -  Critical Thinking: The Power of Not Being Easily Convinced

 -  Dialectic: The Power of Working Together to Find the Answer

 -  Values: The Power of Knowing What You Care About and Believe

 -  Focus: The Power of Knowing Your Goal

 -  Deduction and Induction: the Power of Logic and the Scientific Method

And the most important tool of all:

 -  Curiosity: The Power to Discover the Questions that Mean the Most to You 

 This is a one-semester high-school-level class taught by Bryn Kanar. It will require you to read, write, sketch, think, argue, listen, and take positions and defend them. If you do all that, you will earn five units of writing or elective credit. More importantly, you'll become an unbeatable, power-tool-wielding, brain ninja. What are you waiting for?

Sign up in the RC or email Bryn at

 Mandarin Chinese (8th-12th grades)

Mondays, 10-11:30,  AFE Room 2

Instructor: Miao Sandel

This course is designed for 8th to 12th grade students who have had no prior experience to Mandarin Chinese language, and are interested in learning basic Chinese language as well as Chinese culture. This introductory course provides the basic communication skills in Mandarin Chinese. Moreover, the emphasis in this course will be on building up students’ communicative competence in oral and aural skills. Reading and writing will be minimally introduced along with speaking and listening skills. Students will learn the language through task-based classroom activities. After the course,  the students are expected to be able to communicate in basic Mandarin Chinese, and master around 50 Chinese characters or phrases.

JSA - Junior State of America

Wednesday, September 182:45 – 4:00pm

 JSA (Junior State of America) is a student-run organization focused on politics and current events, and AFE students can participate! Our chapter meets every Wednesday at 2:30pm in Room 2, with a variety of activities such as debates, thought talks, and crisis scenarios. JSA is predominantly a high school club, but interested eighth graders are welcome to attend!

Come to our first meeting to discuss politics and social issues, and hang out.
Hope to see you there!

 Positive Psychology/Peer Counseling 6-12 grade

Thursday, September 191:00 – 3:00pm, AFE Palazzo Studio

Parent Led by Kathleen Harris

- Learn how to make meaningful connections with a peer by showing Empathy, applying Active Listening, and using your knowledge of available resources and Adult Helpers.

- Identify and Understand your Skills/Talents/Strengths/Virtues/Flow.

- Build upon your skills-increasing your strengths-diminishing perceived  "weaknesses."

- Navigate the legal and ethical boundaries of being a helper in your community.

- Learn with the use of Real-Plays, how to peer counsel and speak with their supporters.

- Visit Community Services offering to teens and kids during two field trips.

- The Class will decide what setting, if any, to create a Peer Counseling club or program.

Certificates provided upon completion.

Practical Life Skills-HS

Thursday, September 191:00 – 3:00pm

Weekly on Thursday, until Jan 16, 2020

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to give you information you need in the real world that usually has to be learned the hard way. Things like; how to fix your car, how to go shopping for food, how to plan your finances, deal with inappropriate behavior, etc. This is meant to be a fast paced enjoyable class. Each subject is designed to last for 1 or 2 classes maximum. The instructors (Leisl, Ruthie, and Eric) will pick the subjects to teach in 1 session, and the students can select the subject for the next class session. We will rotate through the instructor duties, and will have guest instructors for subjects requiring an extra level of expertise. 

Engineering (6-12th grade)

Thursday, September 193:00 – 4:30pm, Palazzo Studio

Weekly on Thursday, until May 29, 2020 

 ENGINEERING CLASS - Thursdays weekly 3PM - 4:30PM  

15 students maximum.  Students participating in the Advanced ROV program will have priority enrollment 

Ages: Middle school to HS.  

This course is designed to give students a working knowledge of Mechanical and Electrical engineering concepts, and Arduino C++ programming.  The course will also include some project management and graphics design software training.

Fashion Club (6th-12th)

Tuesday, September 10  from 1:00 – 2:30pm

Weekly on Tuesday, until May 26, 2020 

Come explore fashion as an expression of individuality.

Join us for project-based explorations of -

• Fashion collage

• Shoe décor

• Make-up

• Fashion video/photo shoot

• Recycle fashion

Participation in the FashionTEEN show in Spring 2020 anticipated. Optional:)

 “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

 - Coco Chanel

Contact Laura for more information -


ROV Club with Eric Lamascus

Fridays, 9:45 – 11:15am, AFE Palazzo

Weekly on Friday, until May 29, 2020


Build an underwater robot capable of competing in the Marine Tech ROV competition in Spring of 2018.

Technologies and concepts to be learned include;

- Internet research, Buoyancy, propulsion, motor control, actuators, underwater cameras - Electrical principles such as, wiring, switching, polarity, voltage, current flow,

- Electrical construction, such as soldering, wiring, terminations,

- Mechanical construction such as cutting, fastening, water proofing, aerodynamics Class times:TBD - Once a week in the fall perhaps increasing to twice a week if needed prior to competition. Class will be approximately 1.5 hours in length. If you are interested or have questions; Please contact Eric Lamascus for more information.

Clay Studio

Wednesday, October 91:00 – 3:00pm

Weekly on Wednesday, until May 20, 2020

Clay Studio Main Campus

Instructor Kathleen Peppard

Open to all AFE students
Students 10 and younger need to be accompanied by a parent


Merlin's Bicycle," an All-School Play

Show dates November 8,9 10.

Instructor:  Terri Steinmann

AFE Sports

Beach Volleyball, Basketball & Soccer are offered in their respective seasons.

AFE Basketball - Winter/Spring 2019 (6th-12th grades)


Mondays 10:30-12, BSSC with Andy Hardy
1:00 – 2:30, Circle Church, Mark Thomas

Games on Fridays 11-2, starting January.

For more info contact Mark Thomas

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