AFE Enrichment Activities

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Each year we look at all of our offerings as a whole, taking into consideration how many students are in each grade, and how to fit all of the classes in the classrooms in a way that best supports our community. We know that sometimes our schedule does not meet the needs of a specific student, but we hope you will understand that our intention is always to create the best learning and connecting opportunity possible for the majority of students.

For community members who would like to offer a class, please read this document about our Policy & Procedures for teaching a class and room usage. Joanne Brown is the Community Coordinator and will be coordinating room use and helping you set up parent-led classes, events, and clubs.


AFE Class Expectations

I come to class prepared.
I participate and stay on task.
I help and include other students.
I respect the speaker by listening quietly.
I follow instructions.
I respect the feelings, bodies and space of others.
I keep personal electronics off and put away.

2018-19 Staff-Led Enrichment Classes Preview
Elementary School 

Countries and Cultures
 K-2 and Grades 3-5
Instructors: Therese Johannesson and Nancy Aylsworth

In this class, we will explore countries around the globe learning about different cultures through stories, art, music, food, games, dance, and celebrations. We will also cover some geography as we "travel" around the world. Students will create travel journals to record their studies and be asked to share knowledge about their own heritage and/or country studies. We will occasionally invite guests to join us to share something from their cultures of origin. As always, opportunities to develop friendships and community will be built into our weekly classes, field trips, and family celebrations throughout the

Middle School

Science Fiction Literature
Grades 6-8, Fall or Spring semester
Tuesdays, 10:00–12:30pm
Peter Deutsch, Instructor

We will explore the genre of science fiction literature and some classic stories and authors. We will look at the common questions and issues that are addressed in this genre (What might the future be like? How might technology and science discoveries affect us? What if….?). In class we will: read short stories, view science fiction films and shows, discuss and analyze the materials, work in teams to design alien worlds and fictional stories, and share this work through art, performance and writing. Students will be expected to read and analyze a novel, a tv show and a movie outside of class time. There will be time for games, PE and a short break for snacks during each class. Both middle school classes will continue to emphasize community building through shared activities and field trips. Peter will teach both fall and spring sessions.

 Questions? Contact me at 831-429-3898 ext 330 or

Art of the Americas
Grades 6-8, Fall or Spring Semester
Tuesdays 10:00-12:30 pm
Joanne Brown, Instructor

Explore the Art of the Americas, past and present. We’ll focus on selected cultural areas of North, Central and South America. These will include the Arctic, Northwest Coast, California, The Southwest, The Great Plains, The East Coast, Olmec, Mayan, Aztec, Nazca and Incan cultures. The class will feature both traditional and current art, stories, poetry and music, such as street art, activism art, hip hop, and alternative metal. Activities will include weekly art projects, films, music videos, field trips and more! Students will be expected to complete weekly written assignments, a research paper and an end of semester project. There will be time for games, PE and a short break for snacks during each class. Both middle school classes will continue to emphasize community building through shared activities and field trips. Joanne will teach both fall and spring sessions.
Questions? Contact me at 831-429-3898 ext 237 or

High School Classes

High school students may choose one per semester: 

Global Issues

High School, Grades 9-12, Thursdays 1 to 3, Room 2
Mark Thomas, Instructor

What in the world is going on!?! What is going on in all of those distant, exotic and fascinating far parts of the world?  Do kids wake up in Iran with a smile on their face?  Will the two Koreas agree to a peace treaty?  Will the US join the Paris Accord?  Here's your chance to explore the politics, economics and culture of nations near & far in space and time.  
To receive 5 Social Sciences or English credits, at least three hours a week of research, reading, writing, and speaking practice outside of class will be part of the course. For questions contact Mark Thomas, 566 0631,

Communication Workshop (Fall 2018)
Grades 9–12. Thursdays, 10am to noon, Room 2
Jasmin Gerer, Instructor

Would you like to communicate with greater confidence and make a difference in life? If yes, join our workshop to become a more effective speaker, listener, and writer. Learn how your own and others’ communication styles influence your relationships. Gain more confidence and feel more comfortable talking to people you don't know, interviewing for a job, or speaking to an audience. Explore how news is created and the approaches journalists take when they write news articles. Learn how to present your opinions and ideas persuasively when speaking and writing. These are just a few of the many topics we'll be exploring in our workshop. You'll also have a chance to challenge yourself by focusing on developing communication skills that are particularly interesting to you. To receive 5 English credits, plan to complete at least three hours a week of research, reading, writing and speaking practice outside of class. 
Questions?  Contact Jasmin Gerer at 429-3898 x332 or by email at

 Dramatic Literature (Spring 2019 Semester)
 Grades 9–12, Thursdays, Room 2
 Jasmin Gerer, Instructor

In the spring we will be continuing our AFE tradition of studying and then seeing plays performed at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. Students who do not wish to attend the four day trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival are still welcome to enroll in this English course. The plays we will be reading will be announced in October and will include Shakespeare's comedy As You LIke It. 3-5 hours each week of reading, research, written analysis are integral to preparing us for the performances and earning five English credits.

Community Led Class

Time Travelers' Academy World History Class
Grades 9-12, Day and time TBD based on student's availability

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and view historical events as they unfold? In this class you'll plunge into the past by watching movies, reading fiction and nonfiction, and completing quizzes and written assignments. Then we'll explore each week's theme in class through discussions, activities, and games. Buckle your seat belt. The time machine is about to take off. 

- Satisfies the AFE world History Requirement of 10 units
 - Preparation for the SAT Subject Test in World History
 - Class meets once a week during Fall 2018 and Spring 2019
 - Weekly homework required to support in-class activities
 - Limited to 20 students (Priority to those in higher grades who have not yet completed their World History requirement)

Email Bryn if you're interested

Hello Fashionistas!

Fashion Club starts Tuesday in the Palazzo from 1-2:30.  Please bring any magazines that you are willing to donate to a fashionable cause:)

Middle-schoolers -  I realize theater conflicts with fashion club.  I have been assured that should you be interested in participating in both, you can.  Arrangements can be made with Zan.  Just let me or Zan know as soon as possible.  You are also welcome to join fashion club after theater is over.  

This club is for everyone who is interested in fashion.  While I have activities planned, I am very open to exploring different avenues of interest.  We can and will explore design, makeup, hair, fashion video, fashion photography, recycled fashion.  I have an opportunity to set up a talk with a designer from Chicago if there is interest.  I can also bring in other speakers if there is interest in knowing more about different opportunities in the fashion industry. We had a buyer for the Gap speak with us in the past.  Maybe we can arrange field trips or go to fashion shows?  (Pivot just had a fabulous one in Santa Cruz on Saturday night).  I could bring in a speaker from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising?  
Maybe you are more interested in costume design or sewing?  Or maybe we just play with different materials in the club and add some sparkle to an old pair of sandals?

I am hoping to participate in FashionTeen Santa Cruz in Spring 2019.  It's for middle-schoolers/high-schoolers in Santa Cruz County.  There is an emphasis on recycled/repurposed fashion.  Prizes and internships are awarded.  The students get to participate in an actual fashion show at the Civic.  It's a great experience.  If any students or parents are interested in volunteering for this program.  Please let me know.

All I ask of you, bring your creativity, your open-mind and respect for others and a love for the art of fashion.

Questions?  contact me at myhappygangatgmail

Laura and Audrey

Clay Studio

Wednesdays 1-3, beginning September 20


If you like to get your hands dirty then this is the place for you! AFE’s open clay studio meets once a week for 2 hours in room 22, the portable with the big mural by the basketball courts.You can come every week, you can come for half the class, you can bring your parent, or NOT, unless of course you are under 9 years old then they have to tag along.
The class is unstructured which allows you to work on whatever project you like once you have the basics down. For newbies to clay I will get you up to speed and you will be making cool sculptures or cups or bowls in no time at all. The class is mostly hand building, we have a slab roller and lots of texture tools and we do have wheels that you can try, and try, and try until you are throwing like an animal. Of course wheel work brings the hands, actually the entire body getting dirty up another level, as well as the clean up.
Students are responsible to clean up after themselves whether on the wheel or at the tables.
A donation to the parent club can be made for $30 per student per semester to cover costs for the clay, glazes, and firings. A check can be made out to parent club or cash. This pays for clay, glazes and firings, however no one will be turned away.
Any questions, you can call me at 818-8660. Ciao, Kathleen

Games & Puzzles Group

Stay tuned for more information for the Games Group meeting times! Or contact Dorothee. 

AFE Theater

Here is some info to help you save the times and dates for theater! 
Exact times and dates are still to be determined. I will be sending out more general theater info soon and I will be at the Welcome Back gathering on Wednesday (8/29) to take sign-ups and answer questions. There will also be a sign-up sheet in the RC and you can sign up by emailing Zan at zannadesigns_at_gmail_._com Please note sign-up deadlines!


HIGH SCHOOL (Grades 9 - 12)
Sign-up deadline Oct 23.     
at AFE
10:30 - 12:30; May extend to 9:30 - 12:30 depending on sign-ups.


Starting Oct 30 or Nov 6 through Jan 22; no class Nov 20Dec 25 & Jan 1. not sure about Dec 18.

Tech week at the Broadway Playhouse Jan 28 - Feb 1 exact times TBD

Performances dates

Jan 31 (if needed)

Feb 1 - 2

Feb 3 (if needed)

Please reserve Jan 31 - Feb 3 for performances.



MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 6 - 8)**
Sign-up deadline  Sept 11.
at AFE
1 - 3 pm; May extend to 1 - 4 pm depending on sign-ups.


SEPT 18 - Nov 13  (possible optional meeting on Nov 20 for set, props, & costume work; no rehearsal)

Tech week at the Broadway Playhouse Nov 26 - Nov 30 exact times TBD

Performances dates*

Nov 29 (if needed)

Nov 30 - Dec 1

Dec 2 (if needed)


Please reserve Nov 29 - Dec 2 for performances.


*Performance times will not directly conflict with the SC Children's Craft Fair.


**6th graders have the option of participating in either the Middle School play OR the 3 - 5/6 grades play.
GRADES 3 - 5/6**
Sign-up deadline Jan 7.
Rehearsals at AFE in Room 2
9 - 11 am (9 - 10 am before K-5 class; 10 - 11 "pull out form K-5)***


Jan 14 - Mar 11; no class Jan 21 & Feb 18.

Tech week at the Broadway Playhouse

Mar 17 - Mar 22 exact times TBD

Performances dates*

Mar 22 - Mar 23 Please reserve Mar 22 - Mar 23 for performances.


**6th graders have the option of participating in either the Middle School play OR the 3 - 5/6 grades play.

Rehearsals at AFE in Room 2
11:15 am - 12:15 pm (pull out from K-5 class)***


Jan 14 - Mar 18; 

Dress rehearsal & in classroom showcase Mar 25.

***About "pull out" from the Monday K-5 class: Interested students in the designated age range will work with Terri Steinmann in Room 2, while the other age group and any students not interested in theater have class with the scheduled AFE teacher.




AFE Sports

Beach Volleyball, Basketball & Soccer are offered in their respective seasons.

AFE Volleyball

AFE volleyball is about to officially start for the season!


6th - 12th grade with Peter Deutsch
Practices: Monday 1:00 - 3:00, Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00 
Games: Fridays 11:30 - 2:00

Our Coed Volleyball teams compete in the Alternative Schools Sports League (mostly High
Schools). The teams are open to students in 6th – 8th grade as well as our highschoolers.
 I also really encourage students to organize a regular informal practice. These practices and our games will be on the beach courts between the wharf and the Boardwalk. Games are on Fridays between 12 and 2 and players need to arrive by 11:45. Games start on 9/9 and go through 12/16.
I really encourage any parents who can to volunteer and assist with practices and/or coaching.
It makes a big difference! We will also need to recruit one or more parent(s) who are able and
willing to help supervise and support the players at the games. Our school needs to have a
minimum of one adult supervisor for each team we have in the league at the games. No
coaching or volleyball experience is needed to fill this role.
To support AFE and AFE sports, including Volleyball, we ask students/families for donations to
help with AFE fundraising efforts to cover the costs for our league dues.
Please be sure to get onto the email list as this will be how information is going be distributed.
Please complete and sign all parts of the sports forms for volleyball and return them to Peter
asap! Any questions contact me directly at 429-3898 ext 330 or email. Thanks, Peter

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