Parent Participation

Monarch Community School is a parent participation school.

Parent Handbook

For detailed information about the school and parent responsibilities, please download our Monarch Parent Handbook.

Parent Participation Agreement

Parents are expected to:

In addition, parents may choose to participate in school governance as members or attendees of the Monarch Community Board (our parent-run non-profit that supports the school).


Monarch strives for 100% participation in fundraising to demonstrate strong community support in grant proposals. All Monarch Families are asked to make a pledge of support each year. Visit our fundraising page for more info.

Electronic Communications

There are three optional means of electronic communication for Monarch families.

  1. The Monarch Community Board provides an address list that includes email addresses so that families may communicate with one another via email.

  2. There is an all school Monarch email list that is used to send out official school news ONLY. Every Monarch family who has email is on the list. This is intended as one-way communication.

  3. The Monarch Community Board has authorized the use of two Monarch Google Groups, which allow teachers and parents to communicate around classroom and community news and information. Participation in these groups is optional but highly encouraged. The Classroom Google Group is for classroom information such as homework, parent participation hours and field trips. The Community Google Group is for sharing information about community events, personal necessities, and other community information. See below for more details about the Google Groups.

Nearly Nightly News Submission Form

Monarch Google Groups:

Monarch Community School uses Google Groups to build our school community and help families stay connected with school and with each other. Parents have the option to participate in the Google Groups and can choose their subscription type (see below). Parents who have signed up for an account on the Google Group site can also upload and download documents and photos as well as post messages to other parents in their classroom.

Classroom Google Group:

Each classroom has its own site which enables teachers to post messages and homework assignments, share information about field trips, enables parents to ask for help with subs for parent hours and allows the administration to update contact info. This site is to be used for classroom business ONLY and will not be used to share personal or community information. Parents who are part of this group can only send and receive messages from the classroom group and cannot communicate with other classrooms directly unless they request to be signed up for multiple classroom groups.

Community Google Group:

The whole school community has a group site which enables parents to communicate around community news, information or necessities. For example, parents in this group will have the opportunity to share information about upcoming community events, after school activities and camps. Individuals are able to ask for help with childcare, give away personal items, put out a notice for lost items and other such business. This site is set up so that families have a forum for supporting each other and asking for help when needed.

Subscription Types:

  • No Email — read messages from this group at the site itself
  • Email — each message is sent to the group as it arrives
  • Abridged Email — send a summary of new activity each day
  • Digest Email — send all new messages in a single daily email

All families are surveyed at the beginning of the school year about which groups they prefer to participate. Those families who do not respond are automatically signed up for both groups until they let the school know otherwise.

If you sign up for a Google Account to use Google Groups, you will automatically be given a new Google email account. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE THE NEW GOOGLE EMAIL. All it means is that you use the Google account ID and password to sign in so you can participate in our site.

Ultimately, we are hoping that every parent has access to the Google sites.

You can reach the classroom Google sites or email each class (if you are a member) by clicking on any of the following:

Ocean Class group:

Earth Class group:

Sea Class group:

Sky Class group:

Monarch Community group:

  • Group home page: TBA
  • Group email address: TBA
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